Opportunistic Composite


Product Description

The Moloney Securities Opportunistic Composite, managed by Meredith Jones, is available to individual and institutional investors and can be customized to meet the needs of each client's investment policy.


Strategy Overview

The Opportunistic Strategy seeks to purchase growth-oriented companies that may be underappreciated or undervalued across the entire investment spectrum.  We use both quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine our "Central Value" of each company under consideration and seek to buy at or below this number.  Our investable universe is focused on, but not limited to, companies with the following characteristics:  Strong Balance Sheet, Recurring Revenue, High Barriers to Entry, Novel or Disruptive Products or Technologies and large R&D spending.


  1. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
  2. Moloney Securities Asset Management (MSAM) is registered investment advisor owned by Briar Green Holdings, LLC.
  3. The MSAM Opportunistic Composite contains discretionary, fee paying, accounts, managed by Meredith Jones, that follow a growth investment strategy. Composite investments can include both equity & cash instruments.  Equity investments can be held across the spectrum of company size.  The investment research process is focused on finding companies that create economic profit which can translate into increased share prices for stockholders. Thus, equity investments are sought in companies that display fundamental growth characteristics and trade at a price discount to their modeled intrinsic value. At times, minority investment positions may be made in more speculative, concept stocks, which at the time of investment are not profitable but are deemed by our research efforts to have significant price appreciation potential.  Client account asset allocations are adjusted individually in accordance with each client's risk tolerance & investment preferences.  Strategies we may employ to lessen volatility include covered call writing and the selective use of stop loss orders.
  4. Returns are presented both gross and net of management fees and include the reinvestment of all income. Gross of fees includes trading costs and net of fees includes management fees. Net of fees is net of actual fees. There are no performance fees. All performance is in USD. The effect of withholding tax on the growth composite is not considered nor is it reflected in the benchmark price indices. The firm has a policy of checking for significant cash flows and revaluing portfolios for performance purposes when a cash flow greater than 10% happens. The fee schedule is negotiable with the highest potential fee of 2% of assets under management in the composite.
  5. The S&P 500 Index is provided for comparison to the Opportunistic Composite. The S&P 500 Index does not reflect the deduction of management fees, but it does reflect the reinvestment of all income.
  6. To receive a complete list, description and presentation of all MSAM composites, policies regarding valuing portfolios, calculating performance and/or additional presentation information, contact Ron Medley at 1-800-628-6002, x3003 or write Attn: Ron Medley, MSAM, 13537 Barrett Pkwy. Dr., Ste. 330, Manchester, MO, 63021.